Top Two’s

I have played many a system in multiple campaigns over the years. All were fun but I definitely enjoyed some more than others. Here are my two favorite systems for each category:

My top 2 games systems for campaign style play:

1) The Hero System

Why: The sheer versatility and freedom given by this game is why. I have played many fantasy, super hero, street level, horror, sci-fi, cyberpunk, etc. games all with this system as a base; all contained within one book of rules – optional supplements of course exist but the core rules give all you need. It’s characters use a point based creation system and it is totally customizable to fit whatever campaign you want to run.

2) The D20 system

Why: A close second in its versatility but it does require you to buy a new rule book per genre. Fantasy? You need the “holy trinity” of a PHB, DMG, and MM. Modern or futuristic? D20 Modern. Somewhere in between? Some other book. I like it for its versatility as well, it’s just not as readily available and convenient as Hero, but they have it.

my top 2 one shot systems:

1) Dread

Why: I have played it for a one shot a bunch of times and it’s a great tension builder and it’s the most friendly to new RPG players. The use of the Jenga tower is perfect. Dice can’t scare you anywhere near as badly as you and your shaky hand pulling a block from that wobbly mess of wooden horror can.

2) Don’t Rest Your Head

Why: Things in the Mad City can get pretty freaky. This system does a good job of delviong into a world of reality gone awry. An ingenious little system of dice and tokens simulates your character pulling on inner reserves of sleep deprivation and exhaustion.

More top two’s in future posts! What are your top two’s?