A Gaming Blog. It’s come to that.

So here’s the purpose of this blog – it’s a place where we can talk about our games outside of the gaming table. And I’m not talking about how cool it was when the Jedi whacked the mutant Felucian’s head clear off one attack of opportunity (although that was super-cool), rather I thought it would be nice to have a place to get meta about our games. What’s working in our games, what’s not. How are we feeling about the hobby in general? How does it relate to other creative forms? What’s the better game night food – chinese or mexican?

I know that there are plenty of gaming boards out there right now but I, for one, am too easily distracted by all that sparkly fluff and I need a place to muse without flaming.

Odds are, folks will look here once and go ‘huh’ then never return. That’s cool, I’ll just post my random thoughts to leave as posterity for our soon-to-be-machine overlords.