But before the Hero games one-shot…

Eppy will run a short Hellas Campaign.

A futuristic world that draws its origins from Greek myth.

An excerpt from their site:

An exciting fusion of high drama, action-adventure, romance, mythology-infused space opera and science fiction that features:

  • Extensive history and character background set in the world of Hellas
  • A style sheet for life in the galaxy of the Hellenes
  • Over 30 pre-constructed vehicles including star ships
  • Eight thoroughly explored factions and alien races: Amazorans, Goregons, Hellenes, Myrmidons, Nephelai, Nymphas, Kyklopes, and Zintar
  • Awesome Godly Powers and Feats befitting a champion of the galaxy
  • Clear and concise rules for the gift of the Gods of legendary power.

How can we not play this? I will also post about this game as well! Woo! Gaming is going to start with a bang in the new year!