Upcoming Hero System One (and a Half) Shot

Hey all, sorry for not posting more. very busy lately and the reason for that will be revealed soon, but not now! You should probably keep refreshing this blog every 10 seconds, sacrificing your need to bathe and poop in a toilet to keep in the loop!

Anyway, Eppy and Jim have expressed an interest in playing my favorite of all systems: the Hero System. I have been playing that system since the mid 80’s and am a huge fan of it so I am more than happy to run the game for them!

I plan to have a night of character creation and a system walk-through then another of the actual meat of the adventure.  Standard super hero setting in a contemporary supers-filled NYC will most likely be the way to go.  Perhaps we can also do a “Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense” setting where the PC’s are parts of a not-really-that-secret organization dedicated to protecting people from the horrors that lurk in other dimensions… or The Times Square Gap.

So for this game I will have Eppy and Jim playing, and I will recruit Andrew, another Hero System devotee who can recite many of the rules by heart like myself, also Herzy Jersey Keeley, The Titanium GM, and good ol’ Tom. Very ol’  Tom. Tom is Ol’.

I can’t wait to see what people come up with!

Here’s a link to the basic overall rules PDF about character creation, skills, powers, and some combat.

Here is a link to a PDF for basic combat rules

And one for a PDF character sheet


It’s all about initiative

20 . . . 19 . . . 18 . . . 17 . . .

We played the third session of our Star Wars campaign the other night and I’m really liking this system more and more.  It plays fast and furious, handling the pulp sci-fi action of the movies as well as can be expected in a d20 game.

Except for the damn initiative.  Talking with one of the players afterwards we both agreed that the 20-plus rounds system, further complicated by the tedious bookkeeping required by actions such as “holding actions/ready actions”, just slows the whole thing down in a real way.

Now I admit this could very well be a GM fault on my own part – other GMs are good at multi-tasking those pesky little rounds while making rolls and moving little plastic mutants around the grid – but I am not.

So I’m looking for options to clean this up.  One I came across is the use of index cards with the names of the heroes and enemies on them, stacked in order of action.  Another is the possibility of making the players responsible for their own initiatives – I would call out the rounds by number and let the players alert me when it was their turn.  Cleans up some bookkeeping on my end but I would still have to count down through all 20 or more rounds.

Any thoughts?  Any GM tricks you’ve used/witnessed in d20 games?