Need a grid? A hexmap? An octagonal axiom?

Here is a grid generator! You can even customize the weight of the lines, spacing, and color.


Oh… my… flaming… christ…

The Sultan


Start saving!

May the Force be with you, meatbag

I purchased the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide yesterday and while I’ve only had a chance to skim through it, I did like what I saw. Mainly though, I know what character I’ll play in the Dawn of Defiance game if my wookiee happens to snuff it.

Not the same HK assassin droid from the video games, but a similar model who has been in cold storage for the last 4,000 years and is understandably upset. And more than a little, shall we say, glitchy.

Better watch your back, Twi’lek!

Pathfinder Edition D&D Beta rules out!

Proper slippers of spider climbing? Gnomes not monsters? Monks, bards, and druids exist? Silence spell not relegated to uselessness? Non-suckulent Chain Lightning? How revolutionary!

Free download here!

I have just skimmed some of it but I like the direction its taking. Once I absorb it I will post about it. Also, once we all give it a go on the table we’ll really have a good idea of what’s what in D&D land.

Huh? What’s that I hear? Is that the sound of Matt weeping and clutching his healing surges?

Another patch to the game client!

Wow just like an MMO – releasing patches to fix an online game D&D 4 releases yet another errata.

How do you like to fight?

Combat systems. Every RPG has one to one degree or another. Most of the “crunchier” ones are round/turn based, some quantify every single iota of damage you do and the defense you have for it, some are more “everyone states what they want to do then it all happens at once in a big ball o’ melee” and some are narrative and not reliant on numbers or damage calculations at all.

What is your preferred method of fighting? Do you like it more tactical or cinematic? Do you prefer hard numbers for all your stats, abilities, and attacks or a more general “power level” description?

I myself look for cinematic, wild combats that are quantified in some way. I am a fan of the crunch and math to be honest. Narrative combat is way too subjective for me. Assign my weapon some dice! Rate my Strength! What is my Speed number? How many times can I run and shoot you in the face in 12 seconds? Can I shoot you in the face with a placed shot? What’s the penalty?

Although the fun comic book epicness sometimes really can’t be captured with a number or rating. What if you are playing some cosmic level beings or gods? What if the combat is social in nature? Tough to put a rating on something that can have a world affecting power.

So what combat do you like best? Which systems have you had the most fun fighting in?

Addicted to Adventures!

Hello. My name is Herzwesten and I have a problem.

A good 75% of my disposable income is spent on adventures. Some I’m sure I’ll never have the opportunity to run. Especially the Paizo Adventure Path stuff. Every six months, I get a new 1st-to-15th level campaign that would take more than a year to run. What the hell am I doing?

Maybe I like to read them as short stories. Maybe I can use them as fodder for the games I *am* running. Maybe I just have a sickness.

Anyway, I say all this because with the arrival of the first Second Darkness adventure, I am considering starting up another online game. It’s as slow as hell, but it sort of justifies the purchase. Any of you mooks interested?

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