Character Inspiration

Recently I was out with my friend and bloodthirsty GM Jay and we discussed gaming and characters over a pint. We spoke about the games we are currently playing, the fun we have, and the characters we play. It got me to thinking about my own trends in characters and what types I play the most. My character “resume” is varied. I have played The Noble Hero, The Irreverent Hero with a Heart of Gold (and a shotgun), The Kender, The Angry Whirling Blade Halfling, The Half Mad Warpriest, The Smooth Talking Assassin, The Smooth Talking Smuggler, The Emotional Vulcan, The Son of Thor, The Force Using Mystic, and a bunch of others i can’t recall at the moment. A varied past to be sure.

When I am creating a character for a game I often find pictures and even music to play that fits my concept both before and during my process for thinking up character ideas. I load songs onto my mp3 player and listen to them during my commute and just imagine different aspects.

Writing a descriptive but brief background/history also helps. It acts like a mini-intro to my character for the GM and the other players. It also is good that my buddy Andrew is an artist because I can describe my character to him and he will draw an awesome picture of it being cool in some way. I then incorporate it into my character sheet.

What inspires your character creation? What inspires your characters in general? What are your favorite types of characters to play?


The Game I’m Itching to Run

I want, I want, I want. Here’s my post-GenCon hype:

I want to run a spy game, maybe something black ops, maybe more political intrigue-y, maybe rogue agents, maybe agents with all the resources of an agency behind them, perhaps even something with more of a crime heist flavor. The exact details I want to leave open until the players sit down and start hashing out characters. Though I do want to avoid campy spy stories. More Bourne than Bond. Or at least more Daniel Craig than Sean Connery.

I want to keep the number of players small. Three or four, all playing experts or specialists in a team. Maybe their all bad-ass, international hitmen. Maybe one’s an infiltrator, another a mastermind, and another a cleaner. Maybe they’re all deep undercover, have been for years, and their only tangible connection with their real identities is each other.

I want to try it using the Solar System, which can be purchased through IPR for the obnoxiously low price of five bucks. There are a number of reasons I want to use this system, foremost of which is simply because I do. I picked it up at GenCon and it’s weaseled its way into my brain. There are things in this system which I think can be fun, and I want to try them out. I’ll go a little bit more into the system in another post. For now, I just want to plant the seeds.