Play By Post!

I am in 2 play by post D&D games and I am really enjoying them! Everyone playing posts at least once a day and it’s a little bit ‘o gaming every day. It is slow but steady. A week can equal about 2 or 3 “scenes” in a scenario (including a combat or two). A built in dice roller and character sheet template are available as well.

Here is the site:

So if you feel you are not getting enough gaming (let’s face it, you’re not!) this is a great place to play!


Building a Better Game Table

What do you need to game?  People, a book or two and some dice.  Paper helps.

But Keeley’s post on prepping for his D&D 4E game got me thinking about the small things that make up a game table.  All the little knick-knacks that are popping up out there, ranging from metal dice to bags of zombies.  Some of them are store-bought and some are homegrown.  None of them are necessary, all of them are a little (a lot) silly . . .  but that’s part of the fun, too.
So what accessories do you use in your games? What have you seen used in other games to make things go faster?  Or more organized?  Or just plain shinier?  I’ve already written about my new-found love of minis, but that is just the tip of the iceberg for some folks.

So share your gaming tips and tools here to make everyone’s game smooove with a “v”!

D&D Digital tools… oh how awesome.

Damn you D&D 4 for doing something great!

Online tools for building your character, making an avatar for it (3d with tons of options!), and playing online.

I have friends in Massachusetts who I would love to tabletop game with again. D&D 4 looks like it’ll let me do that.


Please, someone hack this so I can play Mutants and Masterminds with it instead! Hurry! Before I join it!

How I learned to stop worrying and love minis (and where to buy them)

I have a habit.  Minis.  Little plastic people who call my name from their dark, secretive little boxes.  How did it come to this?

Because they are super-cool!  Do I even need to explain the relationship between boys and little toy soldiers?

I’ll admit that even I am surprised at how much I love mini play in D&D and Star Wars – in every other game I am more than content, no I prefer, theater of the mind style play.  If combat gets hairy, a simple piece of scrap paper will do.  But there is just something about seeing a battlemat covered in dungeon tiles and monsters.

I think it has to do with the following:  Dungeons and Dragons owes it’s origin to miniature wargames – remember Chainmail?  In my brother’s old D&D games the table was littered with poisonous lead miniatures.   Ah joy.

The other thing is the iconography.  For us geeky fanboys, both D&D and Star Wars are filled with visual icons and actually seeing a purple worm or AT-ST plopped down on the table just sends little virgin-nerd thrills down my spine

But they cost so much money and it’s a crapshoot whenever you buy a box.  Yep.  That’s why the secondary market is the way to go.  Buy your minis – choose your minis – for under a buck a piece from such vendors as Miniature Market.  They’ve got metal, pre-painted plastic, whatever you need for cheap.  And their service is fast and friendly.  Little plastic soldiers delivered right to your door . . .