Start It Up!

We’ve started up our Eberron game again after a bit of a sojourn down into the Tomb of Horrors and last night was the first session and my first time running this group of characters in a campaign that already has a fairly long history.

The interesting part of the first session lay in gathering all these people back together again from all parts of the world. Some of the older characters with many connections were no longer in the game – Rob’s Kendras was dead, my rogue Nina was retired to NPCdom and Herzy decided to swap his monk for a shifter-rat-ranger-rogue-action-hero-cigar-chewer. This left Atarra as the only character with connections to Cull – Andrew’s character – who had become an NPC during his run and no connections at all for Herzy’s Slade other than maybe with Gris’nak the Druid who might or might not have gone into the Tomb of Horrors with Slade.

But I had Attara! The same girl who had departed the material plane at the end of the last story, on a student-exchange program in the Plane of Fire to take her first level as an elemental savant…

Thankfully Andrew had hung plenty of meat on the story that led her into the Plane of Fire and I was able to get her back out fairly easily.

Then, I wound up stringing a few coincidences together in order to get the party started again (so to speak, with an actual party in honor of Volund the Priest and Atarra the Sorcerer!) and cooking up reasons for Slade and Cull to attend. That left me with room to introduce a mild conflict with plenty of down-time for socialization to let the new characters feel each other out a bit.

We missed Joe’s druid Gris’nak who might have made for the last connection between Slade and the party a little less jagged but it worked out alright. This part of the game is usually the hardest for me, I always try for an organic connection between the characters and last night it worked out – all the players were eager to jump in and take the initiative and interact each other which is half the battle.

What tools do you use to get a group started, either for the first time or to introduce new characters?

*sits at the bar waiting for the obvious player character types to show up*



  1. Hey, Saif,

    Last night was a great intro to get the PC’s (old and new) acquainted once again. It had intrigue, roleplay and some damn fine storytelling. I loved the parts you added about Sallah too!

    So many times, certain GM’s have to host first-time player gatherings at the local tavern (trust me, I’ve been guilty of this myself on numerous occasions!) so your story option was naturally a breath of fresh air.

    Definitely looking forward to what comes next!

  2. oh and I loved the fate of Mror Hold! Those rascally dwarves!

  3. Yeah the dwarf stuff was good background info (and hopefully foreshadowing!). It’s interesting to see the Eberron world that I started oh so long ago go through this evolution!

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