Your best gaming experiences.

You can’t have bad without the good. I am extremely happy to report that my great gaming experiences far outweigh any bad ones, especially within the last three years. I am privileged to play with some great creative, fun, and hysterically funny friends.

I can remember some really great games from my past. Our superheroic games involving “The League” had some memorable roleplaying moments as well as some great GM plots and stories. Our resident supersoldier “The Captain” used his belief in the United States of America and his red white and blue shield like faith and a crucifix to cause a vampirically infected teammate to turn and flee!

Some great GMing from many fronts too. Many times a great and creepy NPC villain has crossed my path. Emperor Veero the vermin controlling killer with rats for armror, Kilindrun the treacherous green dragon with visions of godhood, Vanthas Vanderboren the demonic traitor, and tons of others!

Some of the best GM’s I have played with have shown a great ability to adapt to the players ideas and actions even when it deviates wildly from the original adventure path. I myself have learned to not plan too far ahead when GMing. Many of the people I play with always have clever solutions and often think “outside the dungeon.”

Another way my gaming has gotten great is just being exposed to more people who play games I never have heard of before. I am lucky to be part of the community and through that forum I have met some great people and played some very different systems than I usually do. Burning Wheel, Dread, and With Great Power just to name a few.

What are your great and fun experiences? How has your gaming improved over the years?


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  1. Oh yes, there have indeed been a few favorites with me as well. There’s the game that Mike ran a few years ago where our superhero characters wound up in Victorian London to hunt Jack the Ripper, the famous (infamous?) “US” campaign that Chris ran where we played supernatural versions of ourselves (this coming from me, the same guy who doesn’t like the White Wolf system), the Sons of Asgard game that we all took turns GM’ing for, the Dragonlance (or “Dragon$, Inc.” as the players called it) campaign, the list goes on and on.

    I’m also a definite fan of the recent games I’ve been privileged to play and GM for. I love the current Eberron campaign we’ve been participating in, both from a player and a GM standpoint. We have a great group dynamic both in terms of players and character roleplaying and it’s been a great run being involved with it over the past couple of years. There’s also the Savage Tide game Jason has been running. We have a terrific story to work with and some outstanding characters created by equally fun players (now if only Eppy can use dice that don’t hate him so that his character won’t perish within three sessions…).

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