Play By Post!

I am in 2 play by post D&D games and I am really enjoying them! Everyone playing posts at least once a day and it’s a little bit ‘o gaming every day. It is slow but steady. A week can equal about 2 or 3 “scenes” in a scenario (including a combat or two). A built in dice roller and character sheet template are available as well.

Here is the site:

So if you feel you are not getting enough gaming (let’s face it, you’re not!) this is a great place to play!



  1. Sounds fun. Quick question though. Does the online game lean towards 3.5 Edition or the much lauded/dreaded (depending on who you speak to) 4th Edition?

  2. 3.5 is the system it uses and is set up for but it has other D20 games going. Not sure if they have any D&D 4 games going there. I am sure any game can be done as long as you have the right dice to roll and a map online the GM can manipulate.

    Jason sets up combat using a jpg gridded map of the area “battleship style” with letters for each column and numbers for each row.

    Characters and enemies are represented by a colored dot and we just tell him where our character moves to each round.

    I wonder how champions would translate! we’d just need a hexmap!

  3. Very cool. I just registered with the site. So maybe I can join up with you guys sometime when you start up a new campaign? Let me know if you can use an extra character in the party.

  4. Hey Andrew, what’s your username on the site? I think we could use a wizard of some kind in my Rise of the Runelords game.

  5. It’s a good service, except for the (really annoying!) fact that it doesn’t actually email you when the thread’s been updated.

  6. Hey Jason, my username is ymirsson. A wizard sounds good to me, it’ll definitely be a nice change from the usual hack-and-slash reaver characters I tend to play.

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